Infectious Lass applies to the Legion...

--Legion of Super-Heroes (DC Comics)

Ability To psychically generate and manipulate bacteria, viruses and other germs/pathogens
Chance/Likelihood Very Rare

Also Known As

  • Bacteria Control/Bacteria Manipulation/Bacterial Control/Bacterial Manipulation
  • Disease Control/Disease Manipulation
  • Germ Control/Germ Manipulation
  • Illness Control/Illness Manipulation
  • Infection Control/Infection Manipulation
  • Pathogen Control/Pathogen Manipulation
  • Plague Control/Plague Manipulation
  • Sickness Control/Sickness Manipulation
  • Virus Control/Virus Manipulation


This is the ability to psychically manipulate bacteria, viruses and/or other pathogens.

Uses/Applications (Pros)

One with this ability can psychically attract pathogens to or repel them from oneself and/or other targets, at will. In addition, one can psychically manipulate the means by which a pathogen may be transmitted (ie airborne, contagious, sexually transmitted), at will. Furthermore, one can psychically accelerate or decelerate pathogenic incubation, at will. One can also psychically suppress bacterial/viral potency and symptoms, at will. One can even psychically convert one type of bacteria into another (virus into another virus, etc) at will.

Weaknesses/Limitations (Cons)

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